At Denny’s January 20, 2017

What I saw Instead of the inauguration of POTUS 45
What I saw instead of the inauguration of POTUS 45

My Friends and I had to do something else on THAT day so we went to Denny’s for breakfast. “Pancakes will make us feel better” was the thought. The only other people in the place was two men  who we struck up a conversation with (we were wearing our Pussy hats). The man in the photo showed us the Tee Shirt his friend designed, just as POTUS 45 was being sworn in. I cried. My friend bought his last shirt. Against all Odds A man named Barack Obama HAD been president of The United States and Against All Odds his replacement did not win the popular vote.

I love the photo the way both men’s faces come out of the shadows. Powerful portraits of pride.

What do you think.

Weekly Photo Challenge Against All Odds



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  1. I went to the park (on that day) and sat, sketched a tree, and sort of went ‘void’ of thoughts/emotions… a survival skill i resorted to long ago when life presented great challenges…

    the fact that this man and his shirt made you cry tells me that you were also in that ‘challenged’ state. “I cried” made me cry.

    It’s a beautiful t-shirt, worthy of a much-greater audience!

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    1. I was worried about making such a strong personal statement on WPC but your beautiful words heartened me. A park and sketching sounds like a meaningful use of that time.
      My friend offered to help advertise that shirt. Somewhere I have his email. They are mostly Oakland street artist. But still talented.
      Be well Z


      1. Si, sometimes we’d like to say more but hold our reinns…. if it can make a positive difference, or help people realize that we’re in this together… or even at times to say, ‘hey, i’m human and don’t like what’s happening….’ — well, it can help!

        i embraced what you shared. thanks!


  2. Wonderful photo, the shading and colour is very powerful. As others have said, we are all in this together wherever we live so let us work together for a fairer, more peaceful world ~ against the odds indeed!


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