Plum Pixlr Edit
2 Plum
2 Plum Pixlr with old frame

The original photo was taken on an uncannily  summer like day. It doesn’t feel like that now I wanted it to feel like winter.The Pixlr  effect and Old frame gives it the soft frosted window effects that seems to suit the day watching a big storm bearing down on us. Probably no fruit the year after the rain destroys the flowers. Boy Am I gloomy!

More Cheerful Image
More Cheerful Image

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Sally D’ Back and White Challenge

8 thoughts

  1. A wonderful topic this week, Carol—Plum blossoms. We have a lot of them in our neighborhood that popped out last week. A lovely surprise.

    I like your second photo. The composition accents the beauty of the bloom’s structure. B&W is a bold choice for the subject and you pulled it off.


  2. I like the second one as well, Carol. We have unseasonably warm weather here and I’m afraid things will start to grow/bloom, then die when another freeze comes. Ah, well, weather does that sort of thing sometimes. I’ll just enjoy it and try not to be gloomy with you. 🙂



  3. Your blossoms are perfect in black and white; they are such beautiful flowers. The rain has been incredible, I’m hoping our gardens are storing all this water for summer!


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