Sally D’s Macro Challenge Are We Having Fun Yet?

Natural Fireworks

Dandelion Triple Exposure Pixlr

Original Dandelion Native Camera Nior Edit

I debated with myself about going with the outrageously colored Pixlr edit of the simple dandelion but then I read Sally D’s Macro Challenge post with an essay about Why Nature Makes Us Happy. I realized the brightly colored image put a smile on my face so I thought it might do the same for all of you. The Black and white is pretty nifty as well

Let me know what you think.

Happy Monday Challenge

PS Printer Question: I am really unhappy with my HP printer all my images come out looking dirty. I called the company…who were not much help. what printers do you have?

5 thoughts on “Sally D’s Macro Challenge Are We Having Fun Yet?

  1. You are definitely having fun. You’ve created a kaleidoscope of spring’s forecast. Thanks for the burst of color. I use to have a HP printer and really liked it, until it self-destructed. Now I have an Epson, which is quite suitable. I’m fortunate to have another source for better quality images. Happy Photo Challenge.


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