Spider Hatchlings/ Vasco and Snapseed edit
Spider hatchlings as twinkle lights
Spider Photomontage

How we greet the seasons and know there is a pattern is a wisdom that comes only with experience. 

I thought my Passion Flower was finally blooming when I saw something glowing in the leaves. Upon closer inspection I discover it was a nest newly hatched spiders, probably the children of the majestic papal spiders that graced our shrubs all last summer and fall. Even though the wind was blowing I was able to them swinging in the was they were already spinning.

I probably should have saved these for next week’s Macro Challenge because each spider is the size of a pin head. Today however I feel like they capture the essences and promise of the nature of spring.


I would love the hear what you think.


Sally D’s Mobile Photo Nature Challenge

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