Red Carrots Sally D’s Macro Challenge 

Carrot And Kite Surfers

2 Carrot Slice

The red carrots I  sliced surprised me with the yellow centerI took some pics just for fun as they lay on the cutting board. Looking at the results I thought suns. The day before I took some shots of kite surfers and clouds near the toll plaza so the Bay Bridge. Theses are the results. 

The Di Young’s exhibit of Summer of Love opened this weekend so I added these psychedelic carrots just for fun. 

Let me know what you think. 

Sally D’s Macro Challenge 

9 thoughts on “Red Carrots Sally D’s Macro Challenge 

  1. Carol, thoroughly enjoyed your images. They evoke the kind of colors that I wish we could feel inside every day. Strangely, (Alan’s comment) we’ve had weeks of strong winds in the Mid-Atlantic. Happy Photo Challenge.


    • All the wind is coming from DC right?
      What a lovely thought of those colors inside. Like chakras perhaps. They are there we just need to remember. I’m thinking of printing the first one up oversized just to see how it looks.


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