Tamalada by Carman Lomas Garza

Before going off to a physical therapy appointment at Richmond Kaiser I saw that the Weekly Photo Challenge was Heritage mine or someone else’s.  On the wall of the waiting  room at Kaiser was this print by Carman Lomas Garza titled Tamalada, or  tamales making. It is  a Mexican tradition. (I took this photo trying to avoid the glare from overhead so it’s a little tilted).   Tamales making is not my tradition but I look forward to every Christmas. We tried it once for a Christmas party at my house…It was a lot of work but community building. Every gets a job: from soaking corn husks to filling the masa. Since then I usually hope to find some home-made tamales at a party or even a street vender. May I’ll do it again one year.

The tradition of tamales making at Christmas as I understand it is that it is a food wrapped up like gifts just like the new-born Baby Jesus is gifts to all of us.

Tamale making detail Everyone gets involved



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