The Unlovely Side Of Summer

Horse Chestnut almost done blooming

Snails on a Canna Leaf

Black and white photography fit is the perfect choice for June in the SF Bay Area: Night and morning low clouds (fog) clearing by noon is the weather forecast everyday around here. Flowers are done blooming and it’s time to weed and fight critters for all fruit and flowers. All I have look forward to is berry picking in August. Well maybe I’m being extra gloomy tomatoes are almost ripe and there is a big wedding coming in 17 days 😱 Oh no!

Cee’s Black and White Challenge is Hands and Paws today. I got mixed up and did next week challenge Any New Photo,

9 thoughts on “The Unlovely Side Of Summer

  1. Carol, at least you are in the East Bay where it clears up; I am in the foggy part of San Francisco. It has been grey every day. If I take the train to downtown after 11am, I come out int the sun!! But I don’t always want or need to do that!


    • Oh I know all about that part of SF My daughter just moved from sunny Castro to The foggy Sunset and goes to SF State. It’s not 11 here in Albany and the sun is trying to come out. ☀️ You’re welcome to come visit any time


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