Nurturing Thursday Doors and Herbs

Violet House With Yellow Door

I quickly snapped this photo on a walk through Berkeley because of the yellow door with matching yellow flowers and perfectly harmonized with the violet house paint. How creative! Upon closer inspection I realized that all the plants in the garden are herbs. The door matching yellow plant is Moonshine Yarrow high on my list of favorite plants. The tall green plant is elderberry and the red I believe amaranth. I think I’ll go back and try to meet the owner.

Moonshine Yarrow and Elderberry

Reasons I like Yarrow
1Yarrow Accumulates Nutrients (fertilizer) Cleans up Led contamination
2Attracts Helpful Insects
3Makes Good ground Cover
4Medicinal Use Tea
5Edible and Crafty
6Divination Used for centuries with I Ching
From Ten Acre Farm

This has turned into both a Thursday Doors and a Nurturing Thursday Post What’s your favorite plant to have at your doorstep



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