WPC Experiment With Growing Flowers In The Winter

Time To Start Paperwhites

Candy dish Makes a nice container

Here’s what you need

Narcissus bulbs. containers, and interesting stones

Add Water To just touching Root

Water every few days to keep water level up

Keep in a dark Place until the roots go down and the stems go up

Kwan Yin and Tara watch over mine

The Results Will Be Beautiful White Flowers in the Middle of Winter

Paperwihite in Bloom

I often post photos of these flowers in late December and folks have asked me to remind them early enough to start them. The narcissus bulls are at the nurseries now so get busy and have fun experimenting with growing your own flowers in winter.

Weekly Photo Challenge Experimental

Nothing is more nurturing to the soul than watching something grow so I humbly offer this as my Nurturing Thursday post Visit Nurturing Thursday here

15 thoughts on “WPC Experiment With Growing Flowers In The Winter

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  3. Although I have not attempted growing Paper-whites — the holiday season reminds me of them! I agree with the sensation of nurturing when we grow something — or create something. Thank you for sharing with Nurturing Thursday!

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