Weekly Photo Challenge Favorites 2017

New Years Day

With a little technical help I created this wish for the new year from my annual New Years Day photo shoot.

Best Friends Wedding

She got married on my birthday and we had a big party at my house. This is the one photo with both of them looking into the camera. Not so easy in the dark as the wine flowed!

Moments before My daughter says I do

The well paid photographer was somewhere else It was just me and my daughter in the brides room. Probably the most memorable photo I’ll take in my whole life!!!

Other Landscape and Flowers
There were a lot but I choose these two because of the impact I felt when I took them Especially the worm on the rose I didn’t see till later.

Kissing Kites on The San Francisco Bay

Rose and caterpillar

Weekly Photo Challenge Favorites

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge Favorites 2017

  1. Wonderful collection of photos, Carol 👏 All of the people look happy and natural. The afternoon shadows hit the little row boat perfectly. That one was my favorite 💕


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