Daily Post The Inscrutable Mr. Squirrel

You can’t see me if I sit really still, right?

Captured this furry friend posing outside my kichen window yesterday just in time for Daily Post Inscrutable Enjoy

11 thoughts on “Daily Post The Inscrutable Mr. Squirrel

    • Thanks Carol. I had fun taking him. Thank goodness for crop feature I was able to make Mr Squirrel the Star.
      Are you blogging? I haven’t seen anything from you in my reader.
      Hope all is well
      Carol east bay


  1. Yes, I started January 1, but only posted a few things. I am very frustrated with WordPress because I want to post a photo and then click on it and have the photo enlarge. I find other bloggers do this and I always get more out of the detail. One blogger is trying to help me, it has something to do with the HTML code, but I just cannot crack it. He sent me the code and yes, when he did the code, it worked ! ( Go take a look at all my posts for 2018.) But I cannot figure it out for myself no matter how hard I study his example or follow his directions. I wonder if being born in 1945 has something to do with it!!!


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