When I came across this sign it spoke to me. I have wild untamable curly hair that always seems messy so I really need to remember these words. I made this a more beautiful thing by adding the border and colorful lettering.

Wild Me Attempting a Selfie

Was teaching a iPhone photo class and we all were trying selfies. The tip we discovered was look into your own eyes and hold the camera above you to get a good picture. Today Becca’s  Nurturing Thursday seems to be on the same page when she says Rise Above Yourself.

What’s your wild creative side?

Happy Thursday

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14 thoughts

  1. Your border & colorful letters add a nice touch to this sentiment, Carol. I’m still not comfortable with selfies. I heard someone call them “lonelies” and it sounded right.

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    1. Selfies may be a girl, woman, thing. We use them to see how we look in hair or cloths. Selfies are fun when you’re together with a group and take a picture and nobody’s left out. That’s my take on selfies

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      1. Did you purchase the IncrediBooth Video HipstaPak of the month this month? Lots of fun choices for selfies in that one.


  2. Thank you for the tips on Selfies – I never know where to look and end up looking so goofy!
    I love your hair, by the way! I don’t have much, so I have a short crop (so the spareness isn’t accentuated!), and I would love to have a wonderful crown like yours!


      1. Yes, smiling is always the best part! And I like your hair too. Maybe try different products for fine hair? There must be something that would tame it a little 🙂


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