Driving around my hometown I notice Bright Green Bikes are sprouting up on every street, so I wrote a little essay about them. Today I see Terri’s Promt for Sunday Stills is Recreational Nothing better than a good bike ride…

Why Albany, CA is Neat

Albany is a neat town. As in orderly and clean. The Lime Bikes are parked on the sidewalk neatly, near the edge to make room for school children, moms with strollers, dog walkers, elderly as well as occasional unruly skateboarder. In case you don’t know, LimeBikes are bright green and yellow  free-range, rental bicycles somehow connected electrically so that folks magically unlock them with their phones to ride around town. When they’re done, abacadabra, lock them up and leave them neatly on the curb for the next rider.. Every day is like Christmas with a new green bike beneath a different street trees, politely in driveways or in front of the ice cream shop! What’s even better I can grab one and go for a ride myself. There’s a bright green and yellow bike in front of the neighbor’s house tight now. See you later…I guess Albany is not just orderly neat, it is pretty neat as in real cool place !

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge

11 thoughts

  1. I like the pop of color that the bikes add to the neighborhood. Do they pose a problem at popular spots? I can see where a collection of too many bikes in one place could lead to trouble navigating in a crowd.


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