Picking my favorite photo for Weekly Photo Challenge All Time Favorite is like picking my favorite child, it can’t be done. I’ll take cue from Allan who shared his latest favorite. Perhaps it is a photo I’m most proud to have had the privilege to take. In a writing group there are to incredible women whose combined age is 196! We were at Elaine’s house Monday and the light was perfect and I got them to sit for me and smile which was quite easy for these beauties.

Elaine and Liesel

I have boats and flowers and landscapes but taking this time to choose I realize it’s people that makes my heart sing to photograph…and maybe chickens

My Blue Hen

Thanks to WP for giving us a chance to meet like this every week. I look forward to participating so much. And I look forward to see what everyone is doing. I’m going to try to catch up on ‘fallowing” some of I’ve taken for granted seeing every week.


5 thoughts

  1. The Blue Hen is pretty, but the Spring Chickens at the top are my favorite. Nice portrait, Carol. It is not always easy to capture two or more people in a photo, and your friends look so happy and at ease that I can feel the emotions.

    You’ve pulled a “George Costanza” and “gone out on a high note” with this final photo.


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