Rhinos in Paris?

Rhino d’Orsay

Looks a lot like the heroic armored rhinos in the Black Panther Movie. I’d want him on my side for sure. Not something you expect to see in Paris. Happy to Share it for Cee’s Black and White Challenge any Animal

4 thoughts on “Rhinos in Paris?

  1. Thought the Musee D’Orsay was unbelievable, not only because it used to be a railway station but because it contains an amazing number of paintings by the big name impressionists. A veritable art feast.


    • Thanks for the info. I wondered about the building. My roof post today is from its roof. I only made it through the 5th floor of D’Orsay because I was so fascinated by seeing the Impressionists. We Have a few here in SF. Not the same.


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