Terri Webster”s Sunday Stills Plant Life included an image of gorgeous purple jacaranda trees This inspired me to photograph some of the jacarandas I’ve noticed around the Berkeley Albany area this summer. I always thought I could only see them I’m Mexico in April. What a colorful surprise! While I was at it I tied out my portrait lens on their flowers as well as a roses.

Jacaranda in Kensington
Albany jacaranda up close

Neighboring rose portrait

Another surprise was the big seed pods

Seed pods at the top
What summer surprise is blooming in your neighborhood?

4 thoughts

  1. I’m so jealous to see these in the Bay area, Carol! Lovely photos! I am surprised they even grow up here in NorCal but it makes sense in the Bay–more humidity. Too dry here in Sacramento! I will enjoy them vicariously through your images!


    1. If it’s any consolation they aren’t as bright as the ones in San Diego I hardly notice the purple. There are 2 on the next block I’ve never seen till now they are so pale. More humidity now means we are experiencing fog into the afternoon. I long for sunshine.

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