Sunday Stills suggested Drunk With Summer or Summer Drinks…I’ll start with British Beer

Love those names! Pub in Lacock England

Next a Toast in London With my Daughter

Big Pink Girl Drinks
High Tea At Fortnum and Mason

Dunk on Summer Love at a Wedding Yesterday

My daughter, in green dress, and friends dancing in Oakland Redwoods
Me in the middle Shouting the Shout part of Twist and Shout

7 thoughts

  1. I love these Carol, you captured both ideas perfectly! It is my dream to have a beer in a London or Irish pub some day! Was it your daughter who got married? Congrats to all! Thanks for your continued support of Sunday Stills!


    1. Her friends wedding. She was a bride last year. Oh yes have beer at one of the many Red Lion or White Lion pubs is a treat.! I always look forward to your interesting Sunday Challenge. Thanks for doing them 😊

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