RDP The Borborygmus-A Cautionary Tale

Ragtag Daily Prompt bet I couldn’t show *borborygmus in photos and or at least create the feeling while rhyming at the same time. 

Beware the Borborygmus that rumbling, tumbling fuss
that betrayed all of us
when our tum-tum is much abused…with salad d’octupus


Release the Kraken!

Or some world famous English beer and fat sausages620A7186-96AF-4F24-86A8-AD37E9B6E749

A mess of insects from some place out West
will make you you beg for a plate of sweet asparagus


Fried grasshopper Mexico

But alas, all you get is an oily anchovy salad and more beer in glass

Pub Caesar Salad England yum!

So thus it comes to pass
all you get is GAS
When you come face to face with the Dr Evil Borborygmus

Bhwahaha! I just look Sweet!

Have you figured out what it is?

I had fun sharing food fotos from our travels

Definition of borborygmus

pluralborborygmiplay \-ˌmī\

: intestinal rumbling caused by moving gas


Thanks #RDP

7 thoughts on “RDP The Borborygmus-A Cautionary Tale

  1. Bornorygmus – one of my favorite evocative words. I like your interpretation of the concept. And, eating grasshoppers, you are a stronger woman than I!


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