Thank You Ragtag Daily Prompt for today’s word Respect which gives me a chance to write a post about Aretha and Sue…

Moon and Stars last night/ More Stars in heaven

My grandmother died when I was very small and I was inconsolable missing her. To help me get to sleep at night my mother would  take me to the window and point to the star and tell me that Grandma Betty was up there in the stars and was a guardian angel watch over me. This helped little me get to sleep. This week there are two new guardian angel joined stars watching over me. Tuesday morning I awoke to the news of a dear friends passing.  She recently went into hospice care so it was no surprise. There were many emails and phone calls among a group of friends sharing memories and photos and a memorial was planned.

Sue tips her hat good-by

Thursday morning I awoke to the news of Aretha Franklin passage into heaven. Again not surprised. But this powerhouse of a singing and human being had always been singing in my life. Two memorable moments of Aretha for me. The the first from The Blues Brothers Movie when she comes shuffling on to the screen wearing house slippers as a waitress then belts out “Think”. The girlfriend I was with and I fell out of our chairs and had to be hushed because the were hoop and hollering with so much glee. The other memory I was home so I could make as much noise as I wanted to.Yes that moment when she comes out on stage at the Kennedy Center Honors to sing Carol Kings “Natural Woman” wearing a ball gown and Mink Coat. When that Mink comes off again I fell out of my chair. We stayed up late last night because Stephen Colbert on the Late Show promised to replay that moment one more time.on the big screen.  Oh when Obama Lips syncs to it always gets me. And Carol King loosing her mind that Aretha was sing her song is just how we all felt. Aretha sang the song of  RESPECT for LIFE for all of us. Enjoy This Guardian Angel taking one more bow



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