RDP #81 Tender as First Love


Wow! Wow! Wow! Who had the artistic sensibilities to know to plant The Sterling Silver Rose next to the Yellow House? All I knew Saturday afternoon was that this was a fiest for my eyes. All I knew here was this Tender  lavender rose was dancing over my head. All I knew was I had to reach up to her and bring the pale blossom down to my face and bury my nose in sweet petals. Yes she smelled just as she appears, delicate and effemeral, like the blush of first love. Was I drunk from the beers I had at the pub down the street or had I fallen in love at 72? All I knew was I had to capture this beauty in my camera, make her my own.

What I learned later looking up the meaning of Sterling Silver rose was that it is used in a bouquet it stands for First Love!

When I usually see these roses around Berkeley they are knee-high shrubs. What had made this one grow so tall? The pull of the yellow house I bet.

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