Photo For The week Clifftops

One of the many bays in the Calanques, Cassis France

I was amazed the blue is really that blue in the Mediterranean! We were told the best way to see these inlets and cliffs was to walk on the cliffs above but time didn’t allow so we took a lovely boat tour and got wonderful views from below/

Photo Note: I used the LIVE option from my iPhones native camera often to compensate for the boats movement and rocky ride. You get a short video and can choose the best shot. I liked this one because the little cloud is in just the right place. Can you see the tiny people on the beach?

4 thoughts

  1. Many thanks for entering.. lovely image.. I know the Mediterranean has a beautiful colour to it. That looks like the perfect place to be.. to get some solitude and time for yourself. I can imagine myself on that beach… more like wishing myself on that beach… reading a good book. Again thanks for sharing xx


    1. Before we went to France I spoke to a man who had traveled the world and he said those beaches are his favorite place in the world. You are so right to wish yourself there. We had left from Bristol the day before. It is only a two hour plane from Heathrow to Marseille you can get there easier then I can. It now my “happy place”


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