Pack Your Bags It’s Time To Coddiwomple

I was the one that suggested Coddiwomple for today ‘s RDP Word. I ran across it on Social media and likes the sound of it no matter what it meant but traveling with no destination in mind made it even better….

Here’s my story of going caddiwompling…When I was less the four I got it into my head I wanted to run away from home, especially when things didn’t go my way. Every day I’d declare “I’m gonna run away from home”. One day my exasperated mom called my bluff and said okay and helped me pack my little suitcase. In went my favorite doll, underwear and hankies. Off I walked proudly and purposely down the steps through the back garden to the edge of the yard, There I stopped! I had nowhere to go. I had never been out of the yard alone. I did not know where “away” was. I probably cried. I remember being scooped up and taken home for warm milk and a nap. I still wanted to run away but put more planning into my destination next time…perhaps a person only gets one chance to CODDIWOMPLE in a lifetime…

Have you ever coddiwompled?

4 thoughts on “Pack Your Bags It’s Time To Coddiwomple

  1. We did a little coddiwomple on some overgrown trails with a poorly out of date map just last week…we weren’t sure we would ever make it out, and once we did we discovered ourselves on the high road with some terrific views!
    Thanks for the word!


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