Ragtag Daily Prompt for Thursday was Teleport good excuse to share this Photomontage

Somewhere over the English Channel

It was Summer Solstice June 21 When we flew back from France. We left Paris at 11:30 Am and arrived in San Francisco at 2 in the afternoon the same day. We still had 8 hours of sun light. Probably will go down as the longest day of my life. Now that is as close as one can get to teleporting.

Anyone else have experience teleporting?

One thought

  1. I love the photo and have some experience with the Teleportation effect.

    When I worked graveyard shifts I arrived at 11 pm and started my log dated the next day. 8 hours later I went home went to bed and woke up to what I considered to be the “next” day. It wasn’t the next day until I started my shift at 11 pm that same day. I confused the stuffing out of my friends and famiiy if someone asked what day it was or how many days until I did such-and-such. Fun times.

    Now that I’m retired everyday is the weekend.


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