Back East they are having snow days here in the San Francisco Bay Area we are have a Smoke day all the schools are closed. Just got a message Church is closed too ,All because of the fires 150 miles away. What Property   you most valable gets really clear when disaster like this happens. Watching the people fleeing the CA fires with nothing  puts my life in perspective. The smoke from those fires is creating hazardous air here  The property I value most is my n95 air filter mask

Keeping my mask safe and clean in the cake server

The other thing right up there in importantance is the air purifier that has been running night and day for over a week since the fires started.

Noisy but necessary
Me modeling my Mask

Smoky sky again

The Berkeley Hills  are obscured by smoke

What property do you really need?

Ps of course my family comes first

14 thoughts

  1. Your plan and your execution are brilliant and very clear! I’ve never been in that situation, but I think I’d do the same as you are doing. Stay safe, my thoughts are with you and those affected by the fires. PS – I love your hair too ;-). Thank you for sharing your post with me on my blog, I hope others will read it and take notice of what’s really important in life xx.


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