Being Thankful For Fresh Air, Friends-Family and Food

 Thankful Thoughts for Sunday Stills  

I’ve waited till Wednesday to answer this Challenge because the only thing I wanted was fresh air. Today it rained and washed the smoke encrusted air away. I am thankful for being able to leave the door open.


Oh Fresh Air Smells So Sweet

I was able to open the door enough this weekend to let friends and family in to celebrate my husbands 70th birthday


The Big 7-0

Our Daughter put the party together from creating the Evite to picking up Catering. I’m thankful everyday for my family


The Big Blowout 

Then there’s food friends and music to be thankful for. And a tipsy photographer it seems. Thankfully there are people I can be my imperfect self around


Where there’s cake there’s PIE!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving  Love to hear your thankful thoughts.

13 thoughts on “Being Thankful For Fresh Air, Friends-Family and Food

    • Thanks my husband will turn gray someday. Gee I hope your air cleans up soon, too. The switch has been a surreal 180 turn around. I hope we can keep being thankful and finding gratitude every other days in the year.
      Happy Thanksgiving

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