The Travel With Intent Challenge today is White she posted photos of a bride at The Canton Tower in China. Here I have a bride and groom in a white carriage being pulled by white horses in Greenwich England.

Lucky to be at the right place for this capture. 

Two days later we were off on a tour where we got to see the Wiltshire Chalk horse

Cherhill Horse I think the only one with his tail up

It was too far away to get a good shot but a real white horse came up to visit us while took photos. Notice the on the fence for White Horse Gypsy Caravan Tours.

She ate apples out of our hands 

We were on a Mad Max Tour here’s a bit about this horse from their website 48F97163-787E-4A29-8958-E6ABC82C8F79.jpeg

I’m not a big fan of tours but we were in a small group and the leader was very knowledgeable and a great storyteller even if he bent the truth for a good story . Check out Mad Max Tours

4 thoughts

  1. I’m not a fan of big tours – but a guide guide and a small group can be a brilliant way to find out about the location and the people that live there. And I love all of your horse shots. The Cherhill Horse definitely looks Stubbs-inspired to me.


    1. We were not to keen on driving on a different side of the road so this worked out well for us. I don’t know the Stubbs reference…when I watch Yorkshire Vet I notice they drive by a “White Horse” on a hillside. So I was thrilled to this one.


  2. Ahhh, that white horse! I don’t think it’s the one that Terry Pratchett features in the Tiffany Aching novels but one very similar. I didn’t know there were several of them in the UK.


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