The Ball Drop Originally Not For New Years Eve in Time Square

Royal Observatory Greenwich

“The Royal Observatory Time Ball

The first public time signal in the country was broadcast from the roof of Flamsteed House in 1833, by dropping a ball at a predetermined time.

Since then, each day at 12.55 the ball is hoisted half way up the mast – originally a signal for navigators on ships and in docks along the Thames to be prepared. Then at two minutes to the hour, the ball is hoisted to the top of the mast. At exactly 13.00, it drops. This allowed sea captains about to set sail to check the rate of their marine chronometers, a technology which the Royal Observatory had a huge hand in improving.” From Royal Observatory Website

ive enjoyed spending time with Becky and all of the rest of my new and old friends on this fun and educational timy wimy* Challenge. * These final words from Doctor Who.

Leftover Time Pieces For The Final  December Time Square 12/31/18


6 thoughts

  1. Oh what a fabulous finale, and your first one is particularly apt as the birthplace of time!!! Thank you again so much for joining us on the square adventures 😁


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