Hi All Terri is still on vacation I am guiding the ship this week again.

What do you think of web you think of vintage. Wine, old cars, cloths from a by-gone era? It means anything that represents a certain time  below are a few examples From my archive.  I look forward to your examples. Post and give LightWords a pingback or leave a link in comments. I hope to respond to each of you.

Next week Hugh will post Sunday Stills and the subjects will be Windows


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  1. Vintage champagne! We had some of that over Christmas, and jolly nice it was. I also love the old style vintage phones with the dial that you had to put your finger in to dial a number. And who could forget the vintage clothes like platform shoes, flares (I’m showing my age) and pop socks! These all bring back so many lovely memories. Carol.
    Thanks for hosting Sunday Stills over the last two weeks. You’re a tough act to follow.

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    1. Beg your pardon that is California Sparkling wine .😏
      Wink. It really is fun thinking about all these old things especially this time of year. Platform shoes so do you have some. Did you post any of these I want to see them. It’s my first time working with so many comments and pingbacks I hope I didn’t miss you.
      I had good topics for sure.Windows should be right up your alley. I’ll start looking out for some. Have fun.

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      1. No, my platform shoes went to the charity shop many years ago, as did my flares. Back then, I could strut my stuff as good as John Travolta could. Oh, the days of disco.
        I’m looking forward to hosting Sunday Stills for the next two weeks. Thanks so much for being at the wheel over the last two weeks, Carol.

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