This week, while Terri Webster Schrandt continues her blogging break. Hugh is hosting Sunday Stills . The subject is Night so it’s a good chance to share my  full moon eclipse photo from last Sunday.

Unfortunately it was raining

Here’s, what appears to be two moons, out a window New Year’s Eve.


Nighttime can be spooky…

What’s out there!.

Finally night Photography can be challenging

Christmas lights look lovely even out of focus

i’m Never done with Christmas pics it appears.


12 thoughts

    1. Ain’t that how it is. I just figured the moon was being shy. Hope you’re having fun hosting. For some reason I got a lot of pingbacks form last week’s post. I tried to answer them all. I enjoyed seeing all the shares.

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      1. How strange that you got a lot of pingbacks to last week’s challenge. I’m guessing the participants must have linked back to the wrong post? If not, then it’s yet another WordPress mystery.
        Yes, I have had great fun hosting the challenge. Now it will be back in the safe hands of Terri from next week. 😀

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    1. Strange yes. Sometimes I get mixed up about who to give pingbacks to so that may be what happened. Maybe I’ll say something extra about following Terri in my February posts to send new people your way.
      It was fun but Challenging putting out Weekly on Time post, now I really appreciate how much work you put in.
      See you Sunday

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      1. I’m glad you could host for those two weeks, Carol, I really appreciated the little break. There is some work to it but I’ve always been in the habit of posting at 7am and I do them in advance. Looking forward to being back for Sunday Stills. I’m posting a little January round-up this Friday since I missed my own themes, LOL!

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