Looking for photos for today’s Cee’s Fun Fotos Bridge Challenge I remembered I was terrified of bridges as a small child. So frightened I hid in the backseat and covered he head so I couldn’t see or hear the bridge. You see we often crossed a wooden bridge over the Arkansas River,that snapped, popped and cracked as we crossed it. I was sure something terrible would happen as we crossed it. My dad finally drove me over it, insisting I sit up and look, as he talked gently to me all the way across. “Look over there that’s I swam across” he then went on to tell me all about this childhood adventure, distracted I forgot to be afraid. Years later I was sad when I heard that old bride was taken down and replaced. Now I make sure we visit bridges wherever we go. This last summer we saw The London Bridge

The Clifton Bridge in Bristol England The worlds first Suspension Bridge

And Many bridges on the Scene in Paris I’m including this one because of the View of Notre Dame

Here Are some bridges from closer to home

The Berkeley Pedestrian Bridge
The Bridge At the Japanese Tea Garden Golden Gate Park
Old and new Eastern span of the Bay Bridge

And Golden Gate Bridge At Sunset

December 21,2018

The banner photo is a Roman Bridge in Bath England

Also for Which Way Challenge

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  1. I love the spillway below the Roman bridge in your header, and of course the GGB. That sunset illustrates what it’s like to be on Swing shift in the month of December. Great memories and lovely photos.


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