Debbie Smyth over at Travel With Intent gave us Memory for One Word SundayI’m choosing to share my I-was-there snap shots of Paris from last summer A photo album that seems to have more meaning everyday.

Amelie Cafe
Out Daughter at the actual Amelie Cafe

She has always had an impish Amelie look to me. She and here husband took themselves a Amelie tour one day while we there.

Moullin Rough
Jim and me be at The Moullin Rough. I got the whole windmill!

People from all around the world were standing in the middle of the street at night taking selfies or handing their phones and cameras to total stranger saying “take our picture!”

Eiffel Tower
Classic Eiffel Tower photo

Looks like we were photo bombed by an Eiffel Tower top knot.

Notre Dame
Newly made friend took this during our river tour

I didn’t know how valuable this last photo would be when I took it.
Will We Always Have Paris?

Notre Dame
Rose Window. Wooden Roof and Spire Of Notre Dame June 2018

Hope you enjoyed my trip down Memory Lane, thanks for stopping by.

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