Rose at Berkeley Horticultural Nursery Yesterday

I disagree with the signage that says they were “Ladies Of World War II” This is an understatement. They were hard working women who built the war ships that saved the world!

There is a Rosie The Riveter Home Front National Park in Richmond, California, only a few miles from where I live. The Web site begins…

“United We Can Win!

Explore and honor the efforts and sacrifices of American civilians on the World War II home front.  Find out how they lived, worked and got along. Many faces, many stories, many truths weave a complex tapestry of myths and realities from this time of opportunity and loss”

The Red Oak Victory Ship the Rosies built is docked nearby.

My Grandmother Kerlisa Jane Camp was a Rosie working in a WWII steel mill in Illinois.

Grandma This Rose is for You!

For Six Word Saturday

4 thoughts

  1. How interesting – I hope your grandmother was able to relate her stories to you. That is a wonderful rose – are you getting one for your garden?

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  2. Hi,
    You know there seemed to be a family rule that wartime was not talked about. All I gathered was that she enjoyed being in the work world and was proud of the Social Security she got from having worked.
    It is tempting to get that rose, however I’m not sure I have a space with enough sun for her.
    Happy Almost MAY


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