Lens and Pens Coexistence  post By Sally helped me think about an encounter I had last week with an unhappy neighbor. I went by to check the garden of my daughters new house. They haven’t moved in and it was hot. All this to explain how I met her new neighbor who came out to see what I was dong there. At first he was happy that the property had been cleaned up after 37 years of neglect, BUT then he gave me an ear full about how messy all the trees were…without actually saying it he implied he wanted her trees gone! However without them he would have no privacy.

Trees Become Community Partners
Helping us live with our neighbors

In an urban neighborhood a large old tree is a rarity and adds beauty and privacy making an ordinary place extraordinary.

Large Elm in the Front yard
Living room becomes a sanctuary

Even when we put up walls, fences and borders the lesson of now is:Leo at Spiritual Therapy says
Align With Unity
“The old paradigm has us all separate from one another,
or else all wearing the same “uniform” to make unity.
We do not need to make unity.
it is already made. All we need to do is align with it,
be involved with it, immerse ourselves in it”

Hopefully when we speak to this uncooperative neighbor we can remember he is not separate. Oh my, and here the struggle between privacy and isolation begins as we learn to coexists! The trees are willing to easily entangled themselves for support and connection, where we humans “need our space”.Let us look to the trees, the forest Mother Nature for answers..




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