My Grandmother’s Clock

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.” Stephen Hunt (British author) Travel With Intent Quote Of The Week

This clock was in our house all my childhood and I have it now and it will go to my daughter eventually. . It has long also stopped working BECAUSE my dad who worked the graveyard shift and needed to sleep stopped it, BECAUSE it struck not just the hour or even half hour but EVERY QUARTER HOUR!  He  grabbed the pendulum and stopped it …for a while it buzzed then gave up and now sit quietly on my mantelpiece. When I cleaned out my parents house this clock was the one thing that came home with me on the airplane as my carry on. And it does tells the right time twice a day…  I dust it and wonder when and where it lost the pineapple that should be on top and I think about the grandmother who brought this clock home new so long ago Maybe a broken clock tells more then time.

My dad made the candlesticks in high school shop class. Who remembers boys getting to go to woodworking class and girls going to home economics class ?

Travel With Intent Quote Of The Week

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