One Word Sunday Power gives us a nuclear power plant so I’ll  give the challenge a twirl

Spinning Wind Farm Power Generators Sacramento Delta

Yesterday’s graduate 100 watt smile and spinning tassel will be generating a lot of power for years to come I suspect.

Celebrating Masters Degree in Counseling
Showing off degree, awards and gold nails

Put it all together…there is hope for this planet if we keep generating generations of people like this and planting wind farms…And what would you add to signs of hope list?

Photo A Week Endings By Nancy Merrill has a photo her son graduating I’m adding a link to share my daughter ending a 3 year MA program with big smiles  who knows what’s next?


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    1. That’s our daughter if you hadn’t guessed. Her and her friends are all professional adults. When there’s talk of this generation having a hard time I don’t know who “they” are talking about.

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