Becky’s #Square Lines Post ta Natural Lines just the opposite of my post and Happy 60th to

1959 Chevy Impala Soft Top

Cat Eye Tail Lights
59 Chevy
So big barley it fit in a square

Beautiful Happy accident that won’t fit in a square. Older red car happened to drive by just as I clicked. Makes us wonder “What year is it when this was taken?”

Two Old Cars
Two Old Cars

Who else is old enough to remember… What I consider the most beautiful car ever made?
Sunday Stills  asked us to celebrate 60th birthdays this qualifies I do believe.

9 thoughts

    1. I had already created the post for Square Lines when I saw
      your theme was thrilled it worked so well. Happy birthday to your hubby. Mine had his 70th last year. Can’t believe the cars and husbands are that old 😂😂


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