They Don’t Look That Scary

My Day Of The Dead marigolds are the kind planted in cemeteries in Mexico. Mine bloom every October just before Halloween. This image is from a Live Photo of the fierce wind blowing them around. Wind Blown Marigolds
I’m posting this for both October Square Lines and Sunday Stills who wanted something scary  Well cemetery flowers are a little scary but today’s head Lines is really really scary…Newspaper headlines

Friends evacuated last night many more without electricity. I just have wind knocking at my doors and windows. When I look through my archives for October photos, I find a lot of Smokey skies from what has now become an annual event.
Be Safe Out There My Friends.

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  1. Great points you share today, Carol! The wind here in Sacramento is wild and the orange-tinged sky means a wildfire isn’t far away 😦 Those headlines are frightening, and I’ve had students who have been without power off and on and same with my folks up in Michigan Bluff. The ironic thing is that folks who live in the mountains use their generators when power goes out…doesn’t that have the potential to spark a fire? I hope you are staying safe, too!


    1. Hi Terri. I’m staying in the house cuddling up with my air purifier. We have electricity so far. I’ve offered to host a charging and pot luck party for friends without power. We have an extra bedroom…
      who knows maybe someone may need it. I would think the folks who have generators know how to operate them safely. Sadly October fires sure have become the new ☹️normal

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  2. Oh, Carol, isn’t it awful going through this again? A friend of mine got out of her house in Santa Rosa, just a few minutes before it went up, in the last big fire. A knock on the door in the middle of the night….. her description was horrendous. Now I hesitate to call her, I can just imagine what this must feel like for all the people who have already been through it before.


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