To have these beautiful white flowers blooming for Christmas and New Years. I’m positing this early so you can still find the  narcissus bulbs at your favorite nursery…click on pics for details

Six Word Saturday  Is a good chance to remind everyone the steps in forcing Paperwhites to bloom.

1 Choose a dish or glass that’s deep enough for roots to grow.
fill with stones, marbles, or colored glass.

2 Set bulb into stones so it stands up.
fill with water to just cover roots but not the bulb otherwise it will rot

3 Place in dark until bulb sends down roots and bulb begins to sprout

4 Bring into the light and watch it grow.
If it grows too tall stale it up with a chopstick with a festive ribbon.

5 Some suggest adding vodka to stunt their growth. I find that a waste of good booze.

Happy Winter Gardening!

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