Down Home Meon
The Neon Lights are Pretty

Down Home Music is a well known Local Roots Music Record in El Cerrito CA

For a while I’ve had Neon Lights along with Petula Clark singing in mind for Becky’s January Light Squares.  And surprise she  included a song with her post today too! I don’t have the line right about Neon Lights but I certainly enjoy this blast from the past. Dose any one else remember sing alon wit this record?

8 thoughts

  1. Fabulous neon lights! and I am so very happy you have added a song today too, especially as it is one of my favourites. Will play it in a moment – just going another musical song on in the background at the moment. The musical side of squares is spreading 🙂


            1. oh I am so sorry Carol. Sending you loads and loads of hugs, and hope you are finding support from your family, friends and in the memories of your lovely friend xx


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