Just One Word Plastics

One Word Sunday is Plastic

it makes fantastic toys

Hollo Kirtties
Comfortable Furniture

Plastic chair

Plastic Adirondack Chair

This was a joy to use on our deck comfortable and easy to move UNTIL it began to crack. How does one recycle something this big. So far I’m just duct taping it together.
A street artist created an art piece out of recycled water bottles

Plastic Art
The Graduate Plastics Scene

5 thoughts on “Just One Word Plastics

  1. My friends gave me a copy of The Graduate when I took a job in polymers (plastics) at the school of engineering. My lawn furniture is made from recycled milk bottles – so there is some hope.


    • What a good idea! When my furniture is totally done for I’ll look into milk bottle ones.
      You know the Graduate has scenes filmed in Berkeley. Everyone knows someone who lived in the flat used for the film. 😂😂


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