They can’t keep quiet!

This one’s trying to hide in the redbud tree outside my kitchen window

Mockingbird close uo

She thinks it’s spring and is telling the world

Don’t mock her because she doesn’t know what season it is.

And now let’s sing along with Mockingbird


  Six Word Saturday

4 thoughts

  1. My mom died in July 2004, and my dad was killed in December 2004. In early 2005 I was sitting in my brother’s car, having been at the house trying to sort through stuff, talking on the phone to our lawyer when a mockingbird flew down and landed on the outside rear view mirror, just outside my head. I kept talking to the lawyer, and the bird kept staring at me. I finally told the lawyer I thought it was my mom, come to tell me not to give up in our effort to make the truck company that had killed dad held responsible. To this day, when I’m down South, a mockingbird will show up at the most opportune moments. So now I have a rock in my foyer that has a mockingbird painted on it. Cause you just never know.


    1. Thanks for sharing that tender story. Mockingbirds do have powerful presence. Glad they showed up for you.
      Ravens we’re making a big squawk outside when I got word of my Dads passing. As if to say theirs is an important moment we’re with you.
      Agin thanks good to know others have had special experiences with animals


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