Sunshine’s Macro Monday  has been offering photos of water drips and drops which makes me jealous because, where I live, for the whole month of February not one droop of rain has hit the ground. Thus for this Macro Monday I give you my currently blooming  Christmas Cactus!

Christmas Cactus
Blooming NOW

2 thoughts

  1. Isn’t that a beautiful plant – and photo. I used to have a Martin Luther King Jr. cactus that bloomed reliably – you know when. Most plants, however, tend to commit suicide around me – even going so far as to jump off the porch railing!

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    1. Oh! You do make me laugh! I can see the plants running for the railings like lemmings. Maybe this is a MLK day plant too. I know it was budding then.
      Hope you are keeping healthy. All my best.


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