Some People’s Junk is Other People’s Treasure

Ruka was truly pleased when we brought home Frosted Flakes

Ruka with frosted false
Big hug for Tony The Tiger

Someone must like Big Gulps

Look at all that junkie goodness

Art From Junk

Some secret artist puts these up all around town

Grocery shelves have become junky

TJ’s Shelves
Folks are stocking on beans and soup

The store was also out of toilet paper and water. How’s your community dealing with Corona Virus concerns?

Tuesday Photo Challenge Junk



9 thoughts

  1. There used to be a blog I liked that reviewed gas station snacks. I have not seen it lately. Maybe I should revive it. Don’t forget to wash your hands while singing “happy birthday” twice!


    1. I forgot and sang happy birthday in a public bathroom 😂😂
      Have you seen SNL LaGuardia Sushi? Right up there with gas station snack blog but set to Broadway show tunes. It’s on YouTube enjoy 😊


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