Sunday Stills Symbols  of California

Bear Flag barely seen

US an California flag
Bear flag only photo I have

State Flower

California Poppies with San Francisco in background

State Reptile

Tourist at Wild Care Rescue
Desert Tortoise at Wild Care Animal Rescue

State Tree

Redwood tree I never can get a whole tree in one photo

State Dog is any rescue dog

  1. Pup
    Waiting for a home

State Song  sing along 

13 thoughts

  1. Lovely. California is the only US state I have ever visited, decades ago. I landed in LA, stayed with the father of a friend, drove to San Francisco for three days on the coastal highway on Christmas and returned inland. It was pretty spectacular, but I know, there is so much more to see. 🙂 I have never heard this song either. Enjoy your stay! And, a beautiful pup. ❤


  2. Wonderful, Carol, your shots of the state symbols are fabulous! I can’t get the entire redwood in my lens either! I’m glad you have a Bear Flag photo. They are everywhere and I don’t have one! I’m on the hunt now. Adorable dog!


    1. I’m going to have to get one of those tourists Bear Flag sweatshirts all the students have. I had fun putting this together. I don’t have a California quail photo either. I might just have to use a sign. Thanks for the fun challenge 😊

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      1. I had to google the site that tells what each state recognizes as their symbols. Quite extensive lists! Like you, I am also a native Californian, born and raised except for two years in Oregon, totally 58 years!


        1. Not too many Native Californians. I almost did Oklahoma where I grew up. They have the best song! Sounds like a fun site. I found California’s state everything site that’s where I found the State dog. I need to check out others post for today

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