Lens Artist Challenge Chaos

We are all becoming experts at dealing with out of control situations

Turkey fight
Neighborhood chaos

shopping for chicken can be challenging

Empty chicken freezer
Especially when when there isn’t any
Cracked vase
The crack is how the light gets in..

Hopefully we will learn something when this is over



31 thoughts

    1. There was no frozen chicken, fresh beef, bread or beans at the store yesterday evening, fortunately! We were able to walk about with the proper social distant. Yes it all is very bizarre 😜


        1. I talked an Italian girl who stayed with us. They are Ok but bored!
          Switzerland is a pretty I hope closed down.
          What’s strange there has only been 7 cases in the East Bay but still everything is cancelled!
          Where are you, England?


          1. Yup in England where things are just beginning to escalate. Guess we’ll know in a fortnight whether or not we’re heading the same way as Italy and Spain. Hopefully not


                    1. My gosh! Shop sensibility ha! I hope you get some relief soon. My digitally capable so -in-law is going to try get food delivered to all of us. We are trying to get 2 weeks.


                    2. being encouraged for over 70s at moment, but likely to be come a request soon . . .we’ve been cutting back anyway since Thursday as MrB in the at risk category


                    3. What a good idea to have community person for the elderly. We only have online Nextdoor Community and our Church is reaching out to everyone.
                      A friends electricity was out this evening. She decided it was the End Times.I’m not ready to agree…yet. Let’s see how it goes after a week or two.
                      I’m looking forward to April Squares 😃

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  1. Excellent! And what’s with chicken, anyway?! There is plenty of beef in our grocery, but no chicken! Shouldn’t we be saying “Where’s the beef?” Go figure.


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