Judy’s How I’m spending my time in Isolation  Challenge

Here’s my two most recent photos

Keeping tabs on the mischievous squirrel

He’s checking me out too

He probably smells the Clementine cake we made because we’re out of bread

Clementine cake
I’m willing to eat cake for a few days

We watched “Jersey Boys” on Netflix and didn’t think about anything serious for almost 2 hours…

How are you using your time?

2 thoughts

  1. Since we’re retired we had already sort of slid into isolation, at the end of last week. On Monday, the official first day I got up early and dashed to the grocery store as I hadn’t attempted to stock up on anything before. I spent more than my usual weekly amount, but I feel like I have enough food to feed us for two weeks. Then we’ll see what happens. I think two weeks won’t begin to bring resolution to all of this, but I can’t think menus much further than that! Today, day 2, I am doing nothing much, but I’m THINKING about being productive! Or I might just go for a walk.


    1. I’m retired too. I’ve been staying home to stay healthy,but now my hubby is home all the time 24/7! So far fun but to have a room mate that never leaves my be challenging…
      For food we are hoping an online delivery service 🚚 will come through fingers crossed 🤞🏼


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