The most wasted of all days is one without laughter”

E. E. Cummings

Jim and 70 sign
70 just a number but it’s keeping him inside

35 years ago I was told to merry someone who made me laugh, I’m glad I listened, because now being at home with the same person 24/7, humor gets us through the day.

Jim In Bear Hat
He’s willing to be silly

Everyone one the family is willing to be silly

Christmas elf’s
Daughter and her husband know how to play, too.


Quote of the Week

3 thoughts

  1. I agree. The thing that made me laugh out loud this morning was Garrison Keillor’s column: Stephen Colbert on YouTube makes us laugh out loud daily (we don’t stay up late enough to watch the show live). There’s plenty of other humor available on the internet.


    1. I’ll look at that column. Jessie turn me on to that Marco Polo app to send movie chats it made us laugh a lot. The late shows are all reruns anyway. Hope you’re feeling better 😘


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