Debbie Smyth’s One Word Sunday Communication Has a Red Phone Booth and a performer. Here’s my photo of a Red Booth and my daughter with a thousand watt smile. My mother often reminded me to “Smile! because a smile goes a mile” looks like she was right

Jessie and phone booth
Greenwich 2018

A week in to shelter in-place I think I have had more long phone and text conversation then any other time in my life. I’m set to participate in a number of Zoom meetings this coming week and religious services will be on Facebook tomorrow. I also learned about Marco Polo video chats for people out of the country.
How are you staying in touch?
Oh yes there is also WordPress 😀

5 thoughts

  1. A great photo, for this week’s topical theme. Yes, Zoom will do well out of the pandemic I think, as both work and personal life congregates there. And good old WordPress, as you say, Carol 🙂


    1. Debbie, I put in all the ways to communicate for fun, but also to turn people on to the different way in case they didn’t know about them. Marco Polo works well for people in different time zones so you can see folks faces far far away.
      PS I looked at your photo closer and noticed the guy talking on his phone leaning on the phone booth, classic!!


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