Putting together photos of trees and vanishing point for Cee’s Fun Fotos   I realize the photos were all from my Favorite Places  which is this weeks Sunday Stills challenge.

Clouds Vanishing Into Tree Tops at Point Isabel by San Francisco Bay

Clouds. And trees
Sunday March 21 no one was around at the beach I promise

My Happy place-can you smell the Bay and Redwood Trees?

Tilden Park
Grizzly Canyon Trail Tilden Park

Van Gough County Saint Rémy, France.

Saint Rémy
Plane Trees lining the road at sunset

The topic foto for Cee’s challenge was a Black and White tree in the morning. Here’s my morning trees photo. Not a favorite place we nearly froze because Californians don’t think it gets cold so the motel, out of frame, had no heat in January

Very Cold Morning in Napa CA

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