One Word Sunday  WHAT?
What day is it? What Season is it?

Christmas Twinkle Lights and Pussy Willows

I’ve put on the twinkle lights in the kitchen to cheer myself up. We also played scrabble, and made pumpkin bread today. We put a teddy bear and other stuffed animals in the front window to cheer up passers by. We had fun anyway.

Purple bear and friends

WHAT are you doing to make the days pass meaningfully or at least interestingly?

7 thoughts

  1. Sounds as thought you’re doing well. Carol. As we moved just over a week ago, I have boxes needing to be unpacked and things needing me to decide where they go, so I have more than enough to keep me busy for some time. I take a walk some mornings or sit out on the back patio later in the day. And there are always tea and reading. 🙂



    1. Welcome to the west. Sounds like you you have plenty to do.
      To sit out on the deck or patio for tea is such a blessing these days. We have space to safely walk around in the sun 🌞


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